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Investment Philosophy

Neqst’s investment philosophy is built upon four key principles:

  • Alignment of interests among investors, entrepreneurs, management and employees. We strive towards commonly held goals and work to ensure that the various stakeholders benefit from the company’s long-term success. To further ensure alignment, the Neqst team invests its own capital side by side with Neqst’s investors.
  • Long-term perspective. We know that it takes time to build successful companies, that value is created through a combination of ideas and execution. We seek out investors who share this belief and are able to invest over a longer time horizon.
  • Balanced risk. We invest selectively, in companies that we believe in and where Neqst’s specific mix of experience, insight and contacts can contribute the most. While risk is an inherent part of investing, we seek to minimize it through expert analysis and a patient approach.
  • Active ownership. Neqst’s strength is in bringing its powerful blend of operational experience, strategic insight and financial know-how to actively help companies to realize their potential.