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At Neqst, our value system is built upon a passion for building companies that we can be proud of over the long term. Part of this is maintaining a perspective on the larger context and the various stakeholders involved. We structure and run our business to reflect these obligations.

For example, Neqst maintains a 100% Swedish corporate system, with reporting according to Swedish accounting principles. Our companies pay local taxes and any profits or dividends that are ultimately due to Neqst are taxable in Sweden.

Transparency also characterizes our way of working with companies pre- and post-investment. An open and direct dialogue, taking into account the various parties’ perspectives, is the essential first step towards alignment of interests.

For us, this alignment necessarily includes a long-term perspective. We are proud of the fact that we support local entrepreneurs and that we help the companies they have founded to create jobs and deliver value over the long term. This focus on long-term profitability and growth is an essential element in achieving benefits for all parties.